Austin Texas                                   est.1984

Troop 146

Troop Dues and Fees

Troop Dues

Troop 146 collects:

  • Pro-rated annual Troop dues of $60 per Scout
  • Additional $25 National fee for all Scouts and Adults registered with BSA upon joining.  (please reference the Troop 146 Registration form for exact dues)

Scout Support is for family’s in need of assistance with campouts fees, Troop/BSA dues.  Please reference the “Financial Needs” form in this packet.

Campout Fees

  • Weekend campouts fees range $15-$30
  • Summer Camps range $180-$250
  • BSA High Adventure camps range from $850 +, not including travel arrangements

All Troop 146 scouts have multiple opportunities each year to earn money towards BSA/Troop dues, campouts, camping gear and scouting equipment.  Any fundraising money earned by a scout will be placed into their scout account and managed by the Troop Treasurer.

Fundraisers include:

  • Mulch Sales in Feb-March
  • Popcorn sales in Fall
  • Christmas Tree Deliveries in Nov
  • Camp-Cards

Please contact the Troop Treasurer with any questions.