Troop 146

Troop 146 is a Scout led, adult mentored troop.  Every January and July, the scouts elect their leadership positions.

Leadership positions include:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – Responsible for running Troop meetings and planning activities
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – assisting the SPL with his activities
  • Patrol Leader – Responsible for running individual patrols and planning activities
  • Assistant Patrol Leader – Assisting the Patrol Leader with their activities
  • Troop Guide – Responsible for training scouts on specific skills to advance scouts to First Class rank
  • Quartermaster – Responsible for all troop equipment
  • Den Chief – Assisting with mentoring and guiding Cub Scout Webelo’s throughout a calendar year
  • Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
  • Scribe – Responsible for maintaining meeting notes, organizing and circulating meeting information to the troop
  • Instructor – Assisting the Troop Guide in their activities
  • Chaplain Aide – Responsible for prayer at meetings, campouts and other troop events

There are currently 7 patrols within the troop:

Patrols                Assistant Scoutmaster Patrol Mentor
Apaches                                            Mrs. Jeffrey
Spartans                                           Mr. Mason
Dragons                                            Mrs. Lattimore, Mr. Harrison
Phoenix                                            Mr. Wollard, Mr. Baddour
Presidents                                        Mr. Read, Mr. Varela

Cactus                                               Mr. Stetson

Scout Leadership and Patrols

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