Troop 146

Troop 146 is a Scout led, adult mentored troop.  Every January and July, the scouts elect their leadership positions.

Leadership positions include:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – Responsible for running Troop meetings and planning activities
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – assisting the SPL with his activities
  • Patrol Leader – Responsible for running individual patrols and planning activities
  • Assistant Patrol Leader – Assisting the Patrol Leader with their activities
  • Troop Guide – Responsible for training scouts on specific skills to advance scouts to First Class rank
  • Quartermaster – Responsible for all troop equipment
  • Den Chief – Assisting with mentoring and guiding Cub Scout Webelo’s throughout a calendar year
  • Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
  • Scribe – Responsible for maintaining meeting notes, organizing and circulating meeting information to the troop
  • Instructor – Assisting the Troop Guide in their activities
  • Chaplain Aide – Responsible for prayer at meetings, campouts and other troop events

There are currently 4 patrols within the troop:

Patrols                Assistant Scoutmaster Patrol Mentor
Apaches                                            Mr. Johnson
Athenians                                         Mr. Mason
Turtles                                              Mr. Hsu

Scout Leadership and Patrols

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