Austin Texas                                   est.1984

Troop 146

Youth Leadership

Scouts lead by scouts, our youth leadership has access to various training through BSA camps like National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

Community Service

Our Troop gives back to the community through volunteering service activities on a quarterly basses

Respecting Our Environment 

We respect and value of our environment through low impact camping and troop events

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders through Scouting

We are building tomorrow’s leaders through a well-rounded “scout-run” Troop program.  Scouts learn valuable leadership and teaching skills while having fun.  Our adult leadership focuses on a mentoring atmosphere that allows the scouts to develop and grow their abilities through experience and become responsible young men.

Patrols are mixed age and rank.  We believe the more experienced scouts teach and help our new and younger scouts as they grow in the troop.  This ongoing knowledge base builds a stronger troop and ensures all have the opportunity to participate and advance.

​​​Troop 146 Philosphy

Troop Leadership

Scouts are elected and hold troop and patrol offices earning leadership and building troop strength by teaching and leading by example